Review of FLUOTEC Cinelight (TM) 120 December 6, 2016 Washington, DC. DW Smith-4 Wall

Review of FLUOTEC Cinelight (TM) 120 December 6, 2016
Washington, DC. DW Smith-4 Wall

The CineLight (TM) Unit is a 12”x 48” Variable color temperature, dimmable (very precise control) stand or yolk mounted fixture that includes in the price all basic accessories you will need.


Case is NOT included but available.

The light field is far cleaner and even than any fixtures of this type and the design work of the barn doors allows for some of the cleanest “cuts” I have encountered in this sort of fixture.


The Egg Crate drops the output about 20+% while doing the job of narrowing the light field to 50 degree.


The electronic dimming is the most precise of any lights I have used in this genre. Low level precision is spot on 10% and lower.


The real strength of this fixture is what it does for your talent/subject as it performs the best in the 4300-4800 K range which gives enough blended illumination to bring out the details of the subject. Skin tones came alive and with the natural fall off of the LED sources it surrounded the subject in an envelope while letting the back ground soften and withdraw from contending with the foreground.


With the fixture head being able to swivel and positively lock in any angle in the 180 degree radius table top product shots are sped up by no having to wrestle the fixture into an odd position.


This type of fixture is another step in technology for the cinematographers and still portraiture and product specialists, it shows the way for the LED use. A great new tool for the present kit in the changing array of lights we all work with.