STARMAKER by @FLUOTEC The perfect lighting tool for todays digital cinema productions affordable rental rugged high quality lighting

FLUOTEC Starmaker Series

Leading lighting manufacturer FLUOTEC launched the new STARMAKER HP IP65


The perfect weather-proof lighting tool for today’s digital broadcast television and cinema productions.

An affordable, high-quality lighting, portable, all-metal, weather-proof rugged construction, tunable BiColor LED PANELS with high >97 TLCI* for rental and extreme EFP and ENG productions

StarMaker HP ® Weather-Proof IP65
All Terrain-Weather: water & dust proof
The StarMaker® IP65 has a high CRI and TLCI* for accurate colors. It has an IP65 ingress protection rating for use under the rain or wet and dusty environments.

The perfect lighting tool for todays digital cinema productions
FLUOTEC’s StarMaker is a rugged & powerful location LED production light system, available in 2 levels of protection against the elements.
  • The IP-20 model is designed for internal, dry location environments.
  • The IP-65 model is designed to be water & dust proof, for use in exterior shoots where the weather elements can be unpredictable.

Bicolor tunable flat LED panels with the separate ability to control color mix between daylight & tungsten, as well as brightness levels. They have >97 CRI, and TLCI color rating for photo quality lighting.

They can be used at full daylight color (6200K), full tungsten (2800K) or any color mix level in between.

This ability allows custom lighting to match a locations ambiance, which can often be a unique color mixture of tungsten, fluorescent and window light. You can also vary the light’s color from that of the ambient location, to contrast the subject more against the background, creating a visual sense of depth, or even resolve cosmetic issues such as warming up a pale skin tone.


StarMakers are filled with creative options. Its impressive beam quality delivers smooth even output, that bathes your subject in a beautiful soft white light, without the multi-shadow artifacts of lesser LED fixtures. Whether you are lighting a dramatic feature film or doing a live location news feed, your talent will look great. They are also the perfect choice for constant source lighting in still photo shoots, either in a studio or on location.

StarMakers deliver strong light output across their 45-degree beam angles, with a powerful 126 foot-candles at 6 feet, and 32 foot-candles at 12 feet.

Both measurements are at the full neutral white brightness of both colors.

The output is controlled locally, and is dimmable from 0 to 100% without color shift, using a digital LED display on the back control panel.

Their beam can be trimmed with either 4-way barn doors or accessory 30-degree honeycomb grid, for precise lighting, and control of spill.

Each light also comes with a gel frame for adding diffusion to soften the output.

Their beam can be trimmed with either 4 way barndoors or accessory 20 degree honeycomb grid, for precise lighting, and control of spill. Each light also comes with a gel frame for adding diffusion to soften the output.
The lights can be mounted to grids with an industry standard C clamp or on stands using the supplied female stand fitting. In stand use, the lights weight is centered for exceptional balance, even when tilted, due to its off-center yoke. A tilting handle on top makes aiming and trimming the light both easy & convenient.
StarMaker LEDs are air convection cooled, through heat sink fins installed on the rear of the units.  This removes the need for cooling fans, which can often be intrusive into audio microphones on a shoot. The light is completely silent.
They are powered either by auto-setting 90-240V AC, or 14 Volt V-mount battery plate on the unit. Battery life will vary, depending on its size, age and level of charge. On / Off power is controlled by a switch on the rear of the unit.
If using AC, there is also one installed in the power cable. This can be an advantage if the light is positioned high up on a stand, and therefore hard to access.
StarMaker LEDs rugged, thick-walled, all metal housing makes them perfect for rental houses, and location shoots, where equipment passes through many hands, and can get tossed around over the course of a production.  The lights weigh just over 10 lbs, and their rugged construction helps insure a long productive fixture life.
The IP-65 model StarMaker can be used in full sand or dust storms, as well as full rain storms from all angles. This makes it perfect for news crews working in all types of weather, including those challenging live TV shots taken during raging storms. Its body is sealed and fully protected against the elements.
FLUOTEC StarMaker LEDs are available separately, or in 1, 2 & 3 light pack combinations. Each pack contains lights & stands, with switched AC cables, plus female stand fittings, in a carrying case. The 3 light pack also includes, as accessories, a 30-degree egg crate and 2 barn door sets. The StarMaker 3 light pack comes in a more rugged carrying case.

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Review of FLUOTEC Cinelight (TM) 120 December 6, 2016 Washington, DC. DW Smith-4 Wall

Review of FLUOTEC Cinelight (TM) 120 December 6, 2016
Washington, DC. DW Smith-4 Wall

The CineLight (TM) Unit is a 12”x 48” Variable color temperature, dimmable (very precise control) stand or yolk mounted fixture that includes in the price all basic accessories you will need.


Case is NOT included but available.

The light field is far cleaner and even than any fixtures of this type and the design work of the barn doors allows for some of the cleanest “cuts” I have encountered in this sort of fixture.


The Egg Crate drops the output about 20+% while doing the job of narrowing the light field to 50 degree.


The electronic dimming is the most precise of any lights I have used in this genre. Low level precision is spot on 10% and lower.


The real strength of this fixture is what it does for your talent/subject as it performs the best in the 4300-4800 K range which gives enough blended illumination to bring out the details of the subject. Skin tones came alive and with the natural fall off of the LED sources it surrounded the subject in an envelope while letting the back ground soften and withdraw from contending with the foreground.


With the fixture head being able to swivel and positively lock in any angle in the 180 degree radius table top product shots are sped up by no having to wrestle the fixture into an odd position.


This type of fixture is another step in technology for the cinematographers and still portraiture and product specialists, it shows the way for the LED use. A great new tool for the present kit in the changing array of lights we all work with.


Clases de Iluminación

Escuela Internacional de Medios Audiovisuales
Cap 1: Iluminación básica

La directora de fotografía y docente de Eima, Rita Noriega, nos explica los principales esquemas de iluminación y repasa los conceptos básicos de iluminación: luz principal, luz de relleno, luz de contra, triángulo de Rembrandt, stico, luz dura, luz suave. Este videotutorial está coproducido por Eima y Falco Films.
Cap 2: Temperatura de color

En el 2º capítulo de iluminación, Rita Noriega, directora de fotografía y docente de Eima, nos explica qué es la temperatura de color. ¿Cuál es una luz cálida y una luz fría? ¿Cómo influye la temperatura de color a la hora de grabar? Las respuestas a estas y otras dudas las encontrarás en este vídeo. El videotutorial está coproducido por Eima y Falco Films.
Cap 3: Fuentes de luz

En este 3º capítulo de videotutoriales de iluminación, la directora de fotografía Rita Noriega nos explica los distintos tipos de fuentes de luz: cuarzo, halógeno, fresnel, hmi, cine par, fresnel de led, fluorescentes profesionales, fluorescentes de led, pantallas de led. Este videotutorial está coproducido por Eima y Falco Films.
Cap 4: Iluminar un chroma key

La directora de fotografía y docente de Eima, Rita Noriega, nos explica cómo iluminar un chroma key.
Cap 5: Cómo usar un fotómetro

En este nuevo capítulo de la serie de videotutoriales de iluminación, Rita Noriega nos explica cómo usar un fotómetro.
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En este videotutorial hablamos de los elementos con los que lograr luz difusa.
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En este Tutorial repasamos los aspectos a tener en cuenta cuando iluminemos a un personaje que es entrevistado para un documental o un reportaje.
Cap 8: Iluminación con LED

Cap 9: Iluminación en exteriores 1a parte

Cap 9 Iluminación en exteriores 2a parte


Demo del curso presencial de Iluminacion en Exteriores impartido por Rita Noriega