Digital Cinema Society Burbank @FLUOTEC presentation at 2018 DCS Lighting Expo

@JoseMNoriega and Carlos Anadon representing @FLUOTEC give a demo and tell about their lighting products as part of the @DCSCharlene Digital Cinema Society’s 2018 Cinema Lighting Expo @IATSE Local 80 stage in #Burbank, #CA. Thanks K to @DCScharlene James and Charlene Mathers hospitality Digital Cinema Society Burbank

FLUOTEC at 2018 DCS Lighting Expo from Digital Cinema Society on Vimeo.


417 Harding Ave
Monterey Park, CA,91754 March 2018
213 296 4159

In addition to the new Monterey Park Office, the FLUOTEC Brand has a Texas Facility fully stocked with FRESNELS AND LED PANELS for shipments in Continental USA within three business days.

14213 Distribution Ave.
Laredo, TX, 78045


The FLUOTEC products and services to be presented and showcased at NAB 2018 Booth C161 Central HALL include:

New Lighting Solutions and Products

  • Our new 2018 lineup of professional LED LUMINAIRES of PURE WHITE LIGHT, has now more output and quality with (HP) High-Performance HP and (UHP) Ultra-High-Performance Improvements.
  • Research, engineering and technological advances in design and manufacturing, lead us to achieve up to 80% -120% more light and higher > 93-97 CRI/TLCI color rendering indexes in our new lines of motorized and manual zoom DMX fresnels and LED Panels


  • This FLUOTEC’s sustainable and efficient LED technology has saved millions of dollars in energy costs to hundreds of Television Studios
  • For a precise stage lighting environment, The FLUOTEC line also includes the Nebula™ and Chimera™ Soft Boxes, Light modifiers, space-age honeycomb and rectangular light control accessories, gel, filter holders and barn doors.

New High performance LED FRESNELS with pure white light and variable beam:

Award Winning success and increased participation in International Networks around the Globe

Last year Best of Show Award Winner VEGALUX 300™ features now new dedicated versions available in Tungsten and Daylight

We are also presenting the new VEGALUX 200™ HP High Performance with 80% more light and the VEGALUX 200™ UHP Ultra High Performance with 120% more light

These dedicated versions of Tungsten and Daylight Pure White Light have very high CRI / TLCI indexes greater than 93 all versions with motorized zoom

VEGALUX 200™ UHP Ultra high performance
with 120% More light and >93 CRI/TLCI Indexes

VEGALUX 200™ HP High performance
with 80 % More light and >93 CRI/TLCI Indexes

The AURALUX 100 ™ manual zoom, with 60% more light in dedicated color temperatures in Tungsten or Daylight, remains the most affordable luminaire in our range.

LED Panels

We are presenting our new PREMIUM line CineLight (TM)

  • CINELIGHT Studio™ Long Throw without diffusion with a concentrated beam of 50 degrees, the CINELIGHT Studio™ with 35 % More light and > 97 CRI/TLCI Indexes are constant output tunable DMX LED PANELS of Pure White Light designed for use in high studios.
  • CINELIGHT Production™ Soft Light with beautiful diffusion for use in locations for near-field lighting

We will also present the affordable new Studio Lighting line:

StudioLED™ HP DMX Tunable LED Panels

This new development of FLUOTEC engineering delivers the highest quality of light with CRI/TLCI indexes greater than 97 and a 30-35% higher light output to those of the previous versions

  • The affordable High-Performance Tunable Bicolor LED PANEL line is available in three (3) different sizes: 650 HP, 450 HP, and 250 HP

These engineering breakthroughs were also applied to the new STARMAKER HP Weatherproof sand, and waterproof line of AC and Battery operated portable production panels

Marketing Positioning

After more than two decades of successful participation in the international markets as an OEM design and manufacturing firm FLUOTEC has consolidated its position as a global brand with sales of lighting equipment solutions with the most critical integrators and retailers in the world such as:

In Latin America we consolidated our leadership positions of professional LED lighting sales thanks to the efforts of our esteemed allies:

This network of FLUOTEC Light Warriors have sold the most important television projects to the Television networks of Colombia, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, Panama, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Costa Rica

We also initiated commercial relations with new Distributors in Miami and Spain

Last year also in NAB FLUOTEC was very successful illuminating very important stages like the Official NAB Show Live Studio and getting Best of Show awards from TV Technology and Broadcast BeatMagazines for our VEGALUX 300™ and STARMAKER™ luminaires.

  • The VEGALUX 300™ is a tunable neutral pure white light Fresnel of great luminous power and tunable color temperatures and the STARMAKER™ the best weatherproof portable panel for all-terrain productions.
  • FLUOTEC also won “Best of Show” for the best Booth design awarded by the prestigious NewBay Media publishing chain.

Marketing 2018 Outlook

For this year NAB 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, and under the auspicious direction of CEO/GM and Chief Design and Engineering Officer Ing. Rodolfo Vergara, FLUOTEC will be accompanied and present with a larger commercial and business development team:

  • Jose Maria Noriega will oversee and consolidate the international expansion of Marketing and Sales for FLUOTEC.
  • Carlos Anadon will take charge of the promotion and sales of FLUOTEC for the West Coast
  • Alberto Borja and Jorge Caicedo will develop FLUOTEC Business networks in The Americas and the Southern Cone,
  • We will also have a team of Ambassadors, Influencers and Creators of Content under the creative direction of Film Director Diego Noriega and the Producer Guillermo Benitez,
  • Marketing support Fatima Delgado with Commercial Coordinator Francisco Rojas and Technical Support Jorge Rodriguez, and Alejandra Jimenez in the Back office and logistic Team will also be part of our success.
  • We have managed to consolidate a strong marketing presence with the ASC American Cinematographer, INBroadcast, InCinemaCameras, MULTIVIEW, PRODU, BROADCAST HUB, BROADCAST BEAT, TV TECHNOLOGY AND VIDEOMAKER among the best Trade Publications


Ing. Jose Maria Noriega C.A.S.
FLUOTEC We Light ¡
Cel-WhatsApp from USA 521-55-3044-7495
Skype jose.noriega
Cel 956 242 6872

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We @FLUOTEC wish great holiday greetings and a happy and prosperous New Year to all members of the Texas Association of Broadcasters

We @FLUOTEC wish great holiday greetings and a happy and prosperous New Year to all members of the Texas Association of Broadcasters @txbroadcasters

NEW Cinelight Studio™ Long Throw line of DMX TUNABLE Studio LED PANELS

NEW FLUOTEC´S CINELIGHT Studio™ with LED Tunable CCT Pure White Light™ LEDTPWL™ technology.

FLUOTEC delivers the most comprehensive Lineup of Lighting Solutions for Sustainable, Affordable, Value added High Quality and Efficient and Ecological system for Modern Broadcast Televisión and Cinema Productions.

FLUOTEC’s advanced research, science, technology, and manufacturing lighting advancements, have been integrated into all CINELIGHT™ Studio and Production Lighting with new LED Tunable CCT Pure White Light™ LEDTPWL™Technology

This new LEDTPWL™ LED Tunable CCT Pure White Light technology creates highly accurate broadcast and photo quality color, in a continuous range from 2700K Tungsten to 6500K Daylight, CCT correlated color temperature.

The CINELIGHT STUDIO LONG THROW LED PANEL by FLUOTEC ™ delivers a high lumen luminous flux, that allows very high illuminance/foot candle constant output in Broadcast and Cinema Studios.

To archive this amazing feat FLUOTEC combines long throw optics, high reflectance louvers, and Halodim™ stepless
0-100% dimming technologies, to render beautiful skin tones and faithfully reproduce the full color gamut of clothing, backgrounds, props & furniture in stages and sets.

Equally impressive is the system unique ability to change the CCT color temperature without affecting the lights overall output, relieving a headache that has frustrated Lighting Directors, Directors of Photography, Cameraman and Broadcast Producers since the advent of BiColor LEDs.

Often during a production, its creative direction will require changing a light’s color, for example to accommodate a scenes different time of day, changes in a subject skin tones, or to match color shifts in other ambient light sources.

It is extremely important to be able to change a fixture’s color CCT without changing its output.

FLUOTEC’s CINELIGHT ™ Pure White Light technology was designed to resolve this problem.

The ability to pre-set lighting output levels, and then make the changes to color, often needed to accommodate the creative direction of a production, without having to go back and re-set those output levels is a significant advancement in the art of lighting.

@FLUOTEC THE CHOICE FOR @IMAGENtvMEX available @OmegaBroadcast #Broadcast #LED #Lighting #Television

Control Lumínico Electrónico promueva iluminación FLUOTEC en #Colombia #TecnotelevisiónyRadio

Pure White Light high CRI & TLCI indexes The NEW powerful AuraLux 100® by @FLUOTEC is available NOW



@FLUOTEC AURALUX 100 LED FRESNEL is FINALIST prestigious @lucietechawards among best lighting brands THANKS #WeLight

The international launch of this new LED luminaire FRESNEL AURALUX 100 was received with great enthusiasm by the photography community of the United States and Canada, the event will be held at the next PHOTOPLUS National Photography Convention in October in New York City, WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 25, 2017, Jacob Javits Convention Center, New York City

FLUOTEC es ya otra vez y por segundo año consecutivo FINALISTA entre las mejores marcas de iluminacion del mundo de los prestigiados Premios LUCIE AWARDS


The new AuraLux 100 is a 5.5-inch StudioLED fresnel that delivers

60% percent more of pure white light with high color rendering CRI and TLCI indexes.
The AuraLux 100 StudioLED fresnel includes these key features:

One source light

Powerful new LED COB Chip on Board that delivers 60% more light output

Precise fresnel lens. The high impact PMMA Fresnel lens improves the transfer of luminous flux has superior optical characteristics: high transmittance and resistance to UV rays and impact

Very quiet operation, Suitable for studio environments

Accurate light control, including high precision eight leaf barn doors and color gel filter holder
Low weight

Pole operation available


ARRI SkyPanel S120-C
Fotodiox PopSpot J-500
Hive Lighting Wasp 100-C™
Polaroid Flexible LED Lighting Panel with 4-Channel Remote Control
Rotolight AEOS

El lanzamiento internacional de esta nueva luminaria LED FRESNEL AURALUX 100 fue recibido con gran entusiasmo por la comunidad de directores de fotografía de los Estados Unidos y Canada el evento se realizara en la proxima Convencion Nacional de Fotografía PHOTOPLUS en Octubre en la Ciudad de Nueva York, WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 25, 2017, Jacob Javits Convention Center, New York City

FLUOTEC é a nova grande marca mundial em Iluminação que se apresenta no mercado brasileiro.

OM Solutions and OM Systems are Authorized Distributors for FLUOTEC the Light Warriors …We Light!

OM Solutions TV LLC
6355 NW 99th Ave, Doral 33178-2719 FL, USA
Tel: +1 (954) 765-6302 | Fax: +1 (954) 337-0126

OM Systems provides turnkey solutions for the LATAM media production and broadcasting enviroment since 1991. FLUOTEC é a nova grande marca mundial em Iluminação que se apresenta no mercado brasileiro. A empresa acompanha a tendência do mercado de oferecer produtos de alta qualidade a preços acessíveis com apoio a sustentabilidade com iluminação ecológica de alta eficiência energética.


FLUOTEC oferece uma linha completa de Fresnels e Painéis com tecnologia LED de alta eficiência e qualidade cromática com um CRI maior de 90 para todos os produtos e inclusive maior que 95 em algum deles. Todas as luminárias possuem controle local o remoto via DMX de intensidade de luz, aquelas que são bi-color possuem controle de temperatura de cor para mudar entre Tungstênio e Luz do Dia, e a maioria dos Fresnel tem também controle de foco motorizado.


Venha nos visitar no estande da OPIC Telecom Rua C3 estande 25a 

A luminária FLUOTEC é um produto de alta qualidade resultado de anos de experiencia e de um forte investimento na área de desenvolvimento e fabricação.
Clique para assistir vídeos demonstrativos dos produtos FLUOTEC.

Para maiores informações entre em contato conosco:

Visite o nosso website:

OM Solutions TV LLC
6355 NW 99th Ave, Doral 33178-2719 FL, USA
Tel: +1 (954) 765-6302 | Fax: +1 (954) 337-0126

@FLUOTEC Studio and Production Lighting luminaires are now available at B&H Photo Video

Fluotec’s award-winning line of lighting fixtures are now available at New York’s B&H Photo Video, along with on the company’s website.

The line of Studio and Production Lighting instruments, which include the Vegalux 300 StudioLED Tunable DMX FRESNELStarMaker IP65 ProductionLED panel and CineLight Studio Long Throw DMX PURE WHITE LIGHT Constant Output LED Panels, are now available for shipping worldwide.

Fluotec’s lights also recently were awarded “Best of Show” during the NAB Show, with the company’s booth design also taking home top honors.

Demolicious at #NABshow 2017: @FLUOTEC the #LightWarriors By @StudioDaily

#NABshow Eric Druker @FLUOTEC talks w @studiodaily about #BestofShow VEGALUX 300 Tunable DMX 12″ LED FRESNEL 2K

Demolicious at #NABshow 2017: @FLUOTEC the #LightWarriors
By @StudioDaily / May 4, 2017

The VEGALUX 300 12″ TUNABLE DMX StudioLED FRESNEL was awarded BEST of SHOW by TV Technology

FLUOTEC was also awarded BEST of SHOW Booth Design NAB C161 by TV Technology



Source: Studio Daily – StudioDaily Presents Demolicious – NAB Day 3 Wrap-Up!