Fluotec is the number one choice of the top television networks.

Fluotec fixtures have been the primary choice in replacing thousands of broadcast incandescent lighting systems with their innovative, sustainable and efficient LED lighting systems.

This year at the NAB Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, Fluotec will be showcasing the four newest members to their STUDIOLIGHT family of products. The new STUDIOLED Fresnels to be vega 7exhibited will include:

  • VEGALUX 7”
  • VEGALUX 7” (TM) STUDIOLED Fresnel with NEBULA DFT Diffusion Chamber Technology (TM) (SM) and HALODIM their Step-less 0-100% No color change dimming firmware.
  • AURALUX 5.5” (TM) 
  • AURALUX Plus 5.5” (TM) STUDIOLED Fresnel with NEBULA DFT Diffusion Chamber Technology (TM) (SM) and HALODIM their Step-less 0-100% No color change.

The AURALUX & VEGALUX Plus are two powerful DMX 7″ & 5.5″ Schott glass television STUDIOLED Fresnels with light beams which produce defined shadows and desirable skin and stage color rendition.

Designed for EFP producers, photographers and filmmakers the AURALUX and VEGALUX Plus light beams enhance skin tones and colors.

Fluotec states “All our STUDIOLED luminaries have a powerful and efficient LED Engines that emit high quality light for professional productions in a studio or location with a CRI +90.”  They are available now for immediate release in both tungsten and daylight color temperatures.

In addition to showcasing their new studio fresnel models, Fluotec will also be exhibiting  their award-winning, powerful STUDIOLED panel STAGEMAKER (TM) Illuminating the Stars (SM), a new STUDIOLED panel designed for television studios along with their proprietary NEBULA SOFTBOX DFT Diffusion Chamber Technology.

Fluotec’s NEBULA DFT Diffusion Chamber Technology is a significant advancement in broadcast lighting technology and not to be missed at NAB.

Visit Fluotec at the NAB Show, April 13 – 16 in Las Vegas, NV, USA  at booth #C12431


Fluotec US Brand Launch : Preview NAB 2015

“The replacement of inefficient lighting tungsten of TV Studios is a priority for US, & Latin American TV channels, it will be achieved, through the lighting revolution with continuous LED lights.”

Fluotec will be located in the Center Hall at booth C12431 and is presently coordinating meeting times for the 2015 NAB Show.

To secure your meeting time and for additional information contact:

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CMO Commercial Director
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