FLUOTEC VEGALUX 200 UHP StudioLED FRESNELS Win NewBay Best of Show Award, Presented by Digital Video


For Immediate Release April 11, 2018

Monterey Park, CA,91754
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FLUOTEC VEGALUX 200 UHP StudioLED FRESNELS Win NewBay Best of Show Award, Presented by Digital Video

LAS VEGAS —  VEGALUX 200 UHP StudioLED FRESNEL manufactured by FLUOTEC is a recipient of the NewBay Best of Show Award, presented at the 2018 NAB Show by Digital Video.

NewBay’s Best of Show Awards are evaluated by a panel of engineers and industry experts, and are selected based on innovation, feature set, cost efficiency and performance in serving the industry.

The winners will be featured in Digital Video, read by thousands of video professionals. Digital Video offers technology-focused editorial, in-depth reviews, expert guidance and tutorials alongside editorial that follows the creative process, examines project challenges and showcases compelling work.

All nominated products are featured in the special Best of Show Awards Program Guide, to be distributed in digital edition form to more than 100,000 readers of Digital Video, TV Technology, Video Edge, Government Video, Radio World, Radio, Pro Sound News and Sound & Video Contractor after the convention.



FLUOTEC once again advances the Broadcast Television and Cinema LED Lighting Technology with their new motorized ULTRA HIGH-PERFORMANCE Zoom LED FRESNELS.

The VEGALUX 200™ UHP features a new LED technology that emits 80% more output of pure white light in the HP High-Performance Version and an impressive 120% ¡¡¡ more light in the ULTRA HIGH-PERFORMANCE Versions.

These sustainable, ecological and 2K equivalent powerful LED FRESNELS only draw 197 Watts, this represents thousands of dollars of energy savings

“The NewBay Best of Show Awards at NAB are now in their fifth year,” said Paul McLane, NewBay managing director, content. “The program seeks to shine a spotlight on relevant innovations in technology as seen around the million-square-foot exhibit floor of the industry’s top trade show. The list of 2018 winners and nominees gives real insight into where and how rapidly our media tech businesses are evolving.”

FLUOTEC We Light ..You Create



We’re in the business of Lighting the world …We Light! #NABSHOW

We’re in the business of Lighting the world …We Light! #NABSHOW

@FLUOTEC will be very pleased to receive your visit showcasing our ‪#‎lighting‬ line of Studio & Location Fresnels, SoftLIGHTS and StudioLED Panels

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Jose Maria Noriega of FLUOTEC chats with Ryan Salazar about the history of lighting and popular options today.FLUOTEC is a popular lighting company based in Mexico that provides LED and Fresnel lights for broadcast and production environments.

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Dedicated an IN FOCUS editorial space to the international launch of StudioLED Fresnels by FLUOTEC


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Advancements on research and engineering allowed this new generation of LED Fresnels by FLUOTEC to be brighter and more efficient than its previous models.


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READ the experience of Bob Kovacs LIGHTING with StudioLED Fresnels by FLUOTEC


“La importancia de la iluminación en la creación de atmósferas narrativas”

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FLUOTEC´s powerful new LED Fresnels are now available all over the world

México, New York, Burbank 17/01/2016 for immediate release

AuraLux and VegaLux: The new powerful StudioLED Fresnels by FLUOTEC

Advancements on research and engineering allowed this new generation of LED Fresnels by FLUOTEC to be brighter and more efficient than its previous models.

This exciting development is important to Cinematographers, Producers, Gaffers, Photographers, and Film & Televisión Studio Executives, because until now, the use of inefficient incandescent tungsten lighting, has been the norm in Production Lighting for Studios, Locations, Stages and Theaters. Fresnels are workhorses of stage lighting and the most common luminaire used on television and motion pictures.


These new Fresnels by FLUOTEC, will save producers and studios thousands of dollars on electrical bills, and at the same time provide the specialized pure white light needed for professional applications.

Captura de pantalla completa 09122015 094402 p. m..bmp

FLUOTEC´s new NEBULA (TM) Diffusion Chamber Technology, mixes and homogenises the light, allowing the focusable beam to emit a pure white beautiful light, specially designed for Broadcast & Motion Picture applications.

The 5″ Manual Zoom AURALUX (TM) and the 7″ Motorized Zoom VEGALUX (TM) are part of FLUOTEC’s campaign to replace the inefficient Tungsten Fresnels with new, more powerful, efficient and accurate, LED technology Fresnels.

Captura de pantalla completa 17012016 121416 p. m..bmp

FLUOTEC´s LED technology is digital, and has DMX control over the brightness and in the case of the VEGALUX (TM) of the beam angle.

Captura de pantalla completa 17012016 122346 p. m..bmp

FLUOTEC’s VEGALUX (TM) and AURALUX (TM) Fresnels are extremely efficient and powerful, capable of emitting a luminous flux equivalent to that of tungsten lights with power requirements of 1000w and 650w, respectively, while using only a portion of the same power draw.

At 180W for the VEGALUX (TM) Fresnel, and 146W for the AURALUX (TM), you can actually have up to 10 lights connected to a 20A, 120VAC house outlet without breaking a fuse compared to two 1,000W or three 650W inefficient incandescent fixtures.

Captura de pantalla completa 17012016 121731 p. m..bmp

Fresnel lights are known for their special capability of changing the beam angle from flood to spot, FLUOTEC´s Fresnels have an impressive range of 12-50° for the AURALUX (TM) and 13-50° for the VEGALUX (TM). The beam angle zoom can be changed in the VEGALUX via its DMX control, or manually in the case of the AURALUX.

Captura de pantalla completa 17012016 122355 p. m..bmp

FLUOTEC’s fixtures are built according to industry standards, and are simple to use, meaning they can be seamlessly integrated into your production’s workflow.

FLUOTEC´s Fresnel light is the pure white light needed for professional applications, so you can substitute your inefficient tungsten fixtures right away.

You will also save precious working costs because there is no need to move them while putting scrims, or need to re-rig them in the high grids of television studios because their brightness can be controlled through their 0-100% DMX remote or on-board dimming control panel.

FLUOTEC´s Fresnels are available in warm color temperatures of Tungsten 3200K or cold white DAYLIGHT 5600K versions.

Captura de pantalla completa 17012016 121451 p. m..bmp

They have the proprietary HALODIM (TM) control algorithm for a step less on-board control panel or remote DMX intensity control.

In broadcast television or motion picture studios, the motorized zoom for changing the beam angle of the VEGALUX (TM) can also be controlled via DMX.

Captura de pantalla completa 17012016 122150 p. m..bmp

All FLUOTEC´s Fresnels include 8 Blade Barndoors for accurate control of the light beam.

Captura de pantalla completa 17012016 121818 p. m..bmp

They are extremely silent and have an optimized passive and active cooling system with very quiet fans for studio or location applications.

The VEGALUX 7″ Motorized Zoom Fresnel draws only 180W, the equivalent of a small household lighting bulb, but yields an impressive 1,000W equivalent tungsten output, this efficient lighting fixtures will save between 75-80% of the cost of your electric bill, and because LED is a cool light, you will also save costs, eliminating the need of air conditioning for your studio.


For further information, please contact:
Ing. José María Noriega
CMO Commercial Director
Cel-WhatsApp 521 55 3044 7495

MORE INFORMATION www.fluotecusa.com

Nuevos avances en investigación e ingeniería han permitido que esta nueva generación de Fresneles de LED de FLUOTEC sean más brillantes y eficientes que los modelos anteriores.

Este emocionante desarrollo es importante para los cinematógrafos, productores, gaffers, fotógrafos y ejecutivos de estudios de Cine y Televisión , ya que hasta ahora, el uso de la iluminación ineficiente de tungsteno incandescente, ha sido la norma en iluminación en Producción de Estudios, locaciones, escenarios y teatros. Los Fresneles son los caballos de batalla de la iluminación de escenarios y la luminaria más común usado en la televisión y el cine.

Estos nuevos Fresneles de FLUOTEC, ahorrarán a productores y estudios miles de dólares en facturas eléctricas, proporcionando al mismo tiempo la especializada luz blanca pura necesaria para aplicaciones profesionales.

La tecnología NEBULA (TM) de Cámara de Difusión mezcla y homogeniza la luz de tal manera que el haz enfocable emite una luz hermosa, especialmente diseñada para aplicaciones de Televisión Broadcast y de Producción Cinematográfica.

El flujo luminoso es tan potente y eficiente que permite una equivalencia de luz incandescente de 650W en el caso del AURALUX (TM) o de 1000W en el caso del VEGALUX (TM), utilizando solamente 146W y 180W de consumo de energía respectivamente.

En realidad se pueden tener hasta 10 luces FLUOTEC STUDIOLED FRESNEL conectadas a un enchufe casero de 20A / 120V de Corriente Alterna CA sin quemar los fusibles en comparación con solo dos o tres lámparas incandescentes ineficientes de 1,000W o 650W.

Las luminarias Fresnel son conocidas por su capacidad especial de cambiar el ángulo del haz desde SPOT hasta FLOOD. Los Fresneles de FLUOTEC pueden controlar la luz en un impresionante rango de 12° hasta 50°, ángulos del haz luminoso en el caso del AURALUX (TM) y de 13° hasta 50° en el VEGALUX (TM).

El cambio de angulo del haz luminoso se puede hacer en el VEGALUX (TM) de manera local o remota a través de su control DMX, o de forma manual en el caso de la AURALUX (TM).

No necesitas cambiar tus procedimientos de iluminación, los Fresneles FLUOTEC emiten una luz blanca muy pura, adecuada y necesaria para aplicaciones profesionales de cine, televisión, video y fotografía, que permiten sustituir una a una, tus ineficientes lámparas de tungsteno de manera inmediata y con esto lograr grandes ahorros de energía.

También ahorrarás en los enormes costos laborales ya que no hay necesidad de moverlos mientras les pones mallas, o la necesidad de subir peligrosas escaleras para ajustar el brillo en las parrillas de los estudios de cine y televisión, ya que su intensidad de brillo puede controlarse desde 0-100% de manera remota o local a través del conocido protocolo de control DMX.

Los Fresneles de FLUOTEC están disponibles en 2 versiones de temperaturas de color: Blanco cálido de Tungsteno a 3200K o blanco frío de luz diurna a 5600K y cuentan con la tecnología de control HALODIM (TM) propietaria de FLUOTEC que permite una atenuación sin pasos y sin vibración (FLICKER) implementada en los controles locales de la luminaria o de manera remota con DMX.

En estudios de televisión o cinematográficos, el zoom motorizado del VEGALUX (TM) te permite cambiar fácilmente el ángulo del haz y puede ser controlado de manera remota vía DMX, permitiendo diseños de iluminación eficientes.

Adicionalmente todos los Fresneles de FLUOTEC tienen cortadoras de 8 hojas, trabajan fríos y son sumamente silenciosos, lo que permite su operación continua en estudios o locaciones.

El Fresnel VEGALUX 7 ” con zoom motorizado solamente utiliza 180W, el equivalente de una pequeña bombilla de iluminación casera, pero produce una impresionante salida luminosa equivalente a 1000W de tungsteno equivalentes.

Estas eficientes luminarias te ahorrarán desde un 75% hasta un 80% del costo de tus facturas de electricidad, además, la tecnología LED emite una luz fría, amistosa y agradable para los talentos y por su baja producción de calor elimina la necesidad de aire acondicionado en los estudios, ahorrando aún más energía y dinero y permitiendo con esto un iluminación más amigable tanto al medio ambiente como a las personas.


Para más información por favor contacta a:

Ing. José María Noriega
CMO Commercial Director
Cel-WhatsApp 521 55 3044 7495

MAS INFORMACION www.fluotec.com

Captura de pantalla completa 17012016 122244 p. m..bmp

FLUOTEC presents to the television lighting markets, new, powerful, high quality, innovative and efficient lighting FRESNELS.


FLUOTEC has been present in the international markets for 18 years

With all this experience, FLUOTEC is a well known manufacturer of High Quality Cold White LED & FLUORESCENT Lighting, specially designed for Television, Video, Photography and Motion Picture Digital & Film Cinema.


LOGO LED FRESNEL (1)Either in Photography, Television, or Motion Picture productions, FLUOTEC FRESNELS deliver powerful & beautiful light that bring 3D atmosphere to the Televisión & Motion Picture images.



With no color shift between  the center and the edge of the beam, the NEBULA (TM) technology, unique to FLUOTEC STUDIOLED FRESNELS, emits powerful, high quality, FULL SPECTRUM WHITE LIGHT BEAMS, which produces beautiful even light, well defined shadows, very desirable skin tones and accurate and vibrant stage & costumes color rendition.


FLUOTEC presents to the television lighting markets, new, powerful, high quality, innovative and efficient lighting FRESNELS.





The new VEGALUX PLUS (TM) is a 7” MOTORIZED ZOOM DMX STUDIOLED Fresnel with NEBULA (TM) Diffusion Chamber Technology, and HALODIM (TM) a Stepless 0-100% No color change dimming firmware.



LOGO AURALUX PLUS (1)The smaller lighting brother is the AURALUX PLUS (TM) a 5.5″ MANUAL ZOOM STUDIOLED Fresnel, which also features the NEW FLUOTEC´S NEBULA (TM) and HALODIM technologies.



Captura de pantalla completa 20072015 101802 a. m..bmp

These luminaires are digitally controlled via Local Control Panels or DMX remote lighting consoles.

Both, the AURALUX & VEGALUX Plus include excellent 8-Blade Barndoors for full control of their powerful beams and they are available in both Tungsten or Daylight color temperatures.

Designed for lighting designers & engineers, the AURALUX and VEGALUX Plus are also used by ENG & EFP producers, photographers and filmmakers, who demand the best quality and control of their lighting.


FLUOTEC manufacturing facilities

Contact Information
Contact Information
CMO Commercial Director
Skype jose.noriega