FLUOTEC, the multi-award-winning and leading manufacturer of Pure White Light LED professional lighting luminaires for television and film studios, showcased in Hollywood the new technology LED FRESNELS AND PANELS for the Cinema and Broadcast Television Lighting Industries



Ultra High-Performance StudioLED DMX FRESNELS with Motorized ZOOM

The VEGALUX 200 UHP StudioLED FRESNELS manufactured by FLUOTEC were the recipients of the Best of Show Award, presented at the 2018 NAB Show.

Also presented were the new powerful VEGALUX 300 DMX Motorized Zoom StudioLED FRESNELS adding to the Bicolor Tunable Version, the new improved and Twice as Powerful Tungsten and Daylight dedicated color temperature versions.

Completing the line, FLUOTEC introduced the AURALUX 100 Tungsten, a 5” DMX StudioLED MANUAL ZOOM DMX Fresnel with 60% more luminous output than the previous version

StudioLED PANELS, Lanterns and Light Modifiers

In alliance with Chimera Lighting FLUOTEC also presented, new light Control accessories, Softlight Diffusers, Honeycombs accessories, Lanterns and Frameless Light control accessories for the new CINELIGHT™ Studio DMX Bicolor LED PANELS

The CINELIGHT™ line is the powerful premium line of constant output tunable pure white light soft light and long throw LED panels in 3 different sizes of 4f t(120cm), 2ft (60cm) and 1ft (30Cm) long.

These new LED Fresnels and Soft and Long Throw DMX LED Panels include the improved High CRI and TLCI LED technology of FLUOTEC PURE WHITE LIGHT

All FLUOTEC professional luminaires feature DMX and Local unique HALODIM ™ Stepless 0-100% dimming software with no color change.

These superb LED fixtures have been specially designed for TV and Film Lighting Designers, Producers, Photographers, and Filmmakers that want powerful and efficient LED lights with excellent color rendition and high TLCI & CRI

FLUOTEC is an award-winning leading manufacturer of lighting for Broadcast Television, Film and Digital Cinema, Video, and Photography. Fluotec is celebrating two decades of world-class design and manufacturing of pure white light precision instruments.
For more information contact Ing. Jose Maria Noriega, Commercial Director, or visit their website 

CHIMERA has been providing high-quality light modifying products to the motion picture, video and still photography community worldwide since 1980.
For additional information on CHIMERA’s Lighting Products and to find your nearest dealer, visit

FLUOTEC Winner of the @CineGear TECHNICAL AWARD is now a GOLD SPONSOR for 2018 Expo Film Series

Award Winner FLUOTEC BOOTH in #2018CineGearExpoLA

FLUOTEC the Hollywood Lighting Style is now a GOLD SPONSOR

The leading design and manufacturing firm of Award-Winning LED Lighting fixtures FLUOTEC support the new filmmakers and creators donating more than $10,000 US dollars of equipment for the 3 winners of the prestigious LA Film Competion Student Short Film, Independent Short Film Commercial/Music Video

The leading design and manufacturing firm of Award-Winning LED Lighting fixtures FLUOTEC support the new filmmakers and creators donating more than $10,000 US dollars of equipment for the 3 winners of the prestigious LA Film Competion

LA Expo Film Series Prizes





FLUOTEC once again advances the Broadcast Television and Cinema LED Lighting Technology with new motorized ULTRA HIGH-PERFORMANCE Zoom LED FRESNELS.

The VEGALUX 200™ UHP features a new LED technology that emits 80% more output of pure white light in the HP High-Performance Version and an impressive 120% ¡¡¡ more light in the ULTRA HIGH-PERFORMANCE Versions.

These sustainable, ecological and 2K equivalent powerful LED FRESNELS only draw 197 Watts, this represents thousands of dollars of energy savings

Luminous Power & Illuminance Values UHP Daylight Version

  • 5,609 Lumens @12 degrees 10,920 Lumens @52 degrees
  • 4,673 fc@12 degrees @6ft and 493 fc @52 degrees @6ft.

Luminous Power & Illuminance Values UHP Tungsten Version

  • 4,985 Lumens @12 degrees 9,498 Lumens @52 degrees
  • 4,152 fc @12 degrees @6ft and 428 fc @52 degrees @6ft.

These advanced luminaires available in dedicated Tungsten or Daylight CCT Color temperatures also have higher >93 CRI/TLCI color rendering indexes,  the new premium glass FRESNEL lens dramatically improves the transfer of luminous flux.

The astonishing increase of 120% more luminous power above the current luminaires was achieved thanks to the new  LED Engine, better management of the heat and improved light control algorithms.

The VEGALUX 200™ UHP has superior optical characteristics that render a beautiful variable beam 12o-52 o degrees of pure white light with defined shadows; the operation is quiet and suitable for studio environments.

The VEGALUX 200™ UHP StudioLED FRESNEL allows remote DMX connections or local panel control of ZOOM Angle and 0-100% step less dimming for the precise light control in Broadcast operations.

The variable beam range goes from 12o-52 o degrees, with consistent CCT across the beam and no hot spots. The new 7” Diameter lens is designed to deliver pure white light in a compact form factor, with high color-rendering CRI and TLCI indexes.

Here are some VEGALUX 200 UHP tech highlights from FLUOTEC:

  • One source light—Powerful new LED delivers 120% more light output
  • Precise Fresnel lens—Glass Fresnel lens improves the transfer of luminous flux and has superior optical characteristics, with high transmittance and resistance to UV rays
  • Very quiet operation—Suitable for studio environments
  • Accurate light control—No-spill High-precision eight-leaf barn doors and a color gel filter holder
  • Lightweight  Pole operation available


10.2” x 9.8” x 15” / 15.12 lb

Voltage / Energy Consumption

90-240VAC 50-60Hz / 1.64 amperes @197 Watts @120VAC


Luminous Power & Illuminance Values UHP Daylight Version 5700K

  • 5,609 Lumens @12 degrees 10,920 Lumens @52 degrees
  • 4,673 fc@12 degrees @6ft and 493 fc @52 degrees @6ft.

Luminous Power & Illuminance Values UHP Tungsten Version 3100K

  • 4,985 Lumens @12 degrees 9,498 Lumens @52 degrees
  • 4,152 fc @12 degrees @6ft and 428 fc @52 degrees @6ft.

The new FLUOTEC StudioLED FRESNEL VEGALUX 200™ UHP LED technology is digital, utilizing DMX to control the brightness level and the MOTORIZED focus mechanism that adjusts the light from a 12o spot to a 52o flood. These parameters are easily changed with the onboard control panel or a remote DMX console saving both time and money.

The VEGALUX 200™ UHP emits the pure white light needed to render colors properly and make your talent look great. Substituting your inefficient fixtures right away saves thousands of dollars in energy costs.

Up to seven (7) 200W 1.64A VEGALUX 200™; Fresnels can be powered to a single 20A, 120VAC household outlet compared to just one 2,000W inefficient incandescent fixture

Lighting designers, DP´s and producers can adjust the brightness of light at a touch of a button without changing the CCCT to fit the needs of a camera’s sensor or to make creative choices The VEGALUX 200™ UHP includes a no-spill sturdy built 8-Leaf Barn doors for precise and accurate control of the light beam.

It is a very quiet fixture with an optimized passive-active cooling system with a smart fan for studio or location applications.

This efficient, innovative and groundbreaking Fresnel lighting fixture will save between 75-80% of the cost of your electric bill and because LED is a cool digital light, you will save costs by dramatically reducing the need of air conditioning for your studio.

The VEGALUX 200™ UHP is Manufactured by FLUOTEC´s award-winning BEST of NAB world-class industry standards; it is a highly professional, simple to use fixture, that can be integrated into your current production’s workflow.


Ing. Jose Maria Noriega C.A.S.
FLUOTEC We Light ¡
Cel-Wahatsapp from USA 521-55-3044-7495
Skype jose.noriega
Cel 956 242 6872

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Pure White Light high CRI & TLCI indexes The NEW powerful AuraLux 100® by @FLUOTEC is available NOW



@FLUOTEC AURALUX 100 LED FRESNEL is FINALIST prestigious @lucietechawards among best lighting brands THANKS #WeLight

The international launch of this new LED luminaire FRESNEL AURALUX 100 was received with great enthusiasm by the photography community of the United States and Canada, the event will be held at the next PHOTOPLUS National Photography Convention in October in New York City, WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 25, 2017, Jacob Javits Convention Center, New York City

FLUOTEC es ya otra vez y por segundo año consecutivo FINALISTA entre las mejores marcas de iluminacion del mundo de los prestigiados Premios LUCIE AWARDS


The new AuraLux 100 is a 5.5-inch StudioLED fresnel that delivers

60% percent more of pure white light with high color rendering CRI and TLCI indexes.
The AuraLux 100 StudioLED fresnel includes these key features:

One source light

Powerful new LED COB Chip on Board that delivers 60% more light output

Precise fresnel lens. The high impact PMMA Fresnel lens improves the transfer of luminous flux has superior optical characteristics: high transmittance and resistance to UV rays and impact

Very quiet operation, Suitable for studio environments

Accurate light control, including high precision eight leaf barn doors and color gel filter holder
Low weight

Pole operation available


ARRI SkyPanel S120-C
Fotodiox PopSpot J-500
Hive Lighting Wasp 100-C™
Polaroid Flexible LED Lighting Panel with 4-Channel Remote Control
Rotolight AEOS

El lanzamiento internacional de esta nueva luminaria LED FRESNEL AURALUX 100 fue recibido con gran entusiasmo por la comunidad de directores de fotografía de los Estados Unidos y Canada el evento se realizara en la proxima Convencion Nacional de Fotografía PHOTOPLUS en Octubre en la Ciudad de Nueva York, WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 25, 2017, Jacob Javits Convention Center, New York City

FLUOTEC is heading for a fantastic #NABshow Participation

FLUOTEC is heading for a fantastic NAB Participation and we are in POWER OVERDRIVE of new launches for our fixtures and technologies

PANAMA​ is the COUNTRY with OUR NEWEST DEALER Antenas y Sistemas suma @FLUOTEC a su portafolio 

Starting 4/1/2017 Antenas y Sistemas bought its Demonstration Kit
and a first order 
We will strive in all our marketing efforts to help our D​EALERS​
and make them stronger allies and commercial partners 

Long time friends of FLUOTEC Sonotec Ecuador has expanded its operations in Bolivia with great success, and paid for a Demo Television Studio this demonstrates that even low income economies can have the FLUOTEC solutions as a business opportunity 
We only need LightWarriors like Alberto Borja and Karmy Arévalo to make things happen
FLUOTE NEW DEALERS ​in USA is a ​Work in Progress

New York, Toronto
Barbizon Lighting, Adorama, 4Wall, Crirstie Lites Sales
Miami, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, CMO Tour
Miami Barbizón Branch Visit
Broadcast Beat FLUOTEC´s Lighting Studio in Fort Lauderdale FLORIDA
The NEW tunable VEGALUX 300 a fantastic 2K equivalent FRESNEL 
Broadcast Depot tests the new STARMAKER 
Thanks to all our new friends and allies in FLORIDA …We are FLUOTEC the LightWarriors… We Light Television and Motion Pictures
They have already published our products in their website
Great Guys with a fantastic go for it attitude
Boston Integrated Solutions Group The Camera Company 
This important customer has great lighting knowledge we can help him to improve his FLUOTEC presence in the Web and Social Media
MIAMI AVP Distributors 
This customer has ordered some products from us already in our next Miami Tour we will help him understand our Marketing efforts and will strenghten his commitment to our brand
One of the greatest stores of PHOTO & VIDEO EQUIPMENT in the World, Just closed our First Dealer Agreement in the US And we are already supplying them
​For the Second Year in a row We will light the official NAB Show Studio Live right at the entrance of the exhibition 
Are you ready for the biggest industry show of the year? 
We are and we’ll see you in Las Vegas this April!

FLUOTEC expand sales with AVP Distributors @avpdistributors in MIAMI, FL USA #LightWarriors

With the same working philosophy of more than two decades AVP Distributors from Doral in Miami, Florida, are strategically located in the vicinity of the airport and export companies this facilitate the best logistics for its customers

From Miami and with a focus on the professional world of Latin America, this company composed of industry professionals with vast experience in the market come together to seek to be the first choice in distribution for its customers and suppliers

Carlos Carrillo, CO-CEO of AVP Distributors, defines:

“We are a company that distributes Audio, Video, Photography and accessories equipment for professional and broadcast use in all regions of America Of the South, Central America and the Caribbean, a region that we know widely and that we have provided for many years, so that all the referents of our industry know us very well.

At AVP, we highlight that customer service is one of the top priorities for AVP Distributors, as Carrillo remarks: “We are proud of our highly respected professionals with more than 25 years in the industry, always ready to provide the right advice And the support that our clients need, either by telephone, email or in person. ”

Maps & Directions

8300 NW 53rd St #350, Doral, FL 33166, EE. UU.
Teléfono: +1 305-507-8686
Office Hours
Monday – Friday: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm Saturday – Sunday: Closed

STARMAKER by @FLUOTEC The perfect lighting tool for todays digital cinema productions affordable rental rugged high quality lighting

FLUOTEC Starmaker Series

Leading lighting manufacturer FLUOTEC launched the new STARMAKER HP IP65


The perfect weather-proof lighting tool for today’s digital broadcast television and cinema productions.

An affordable, high-quality lighting, portable, all-metal, weather-proof rugged construction, tunable BiColor LED PANELS with high >97 TLCI* for rental and extreme EFP and ENG productions

StarMaker HP ® Weather-Proof IP65
All Terrain-Weather: water & dust proof
The StarMaker® IP65 has a high CRI and TLCI* for accurate colors. It has an IP65 ingress protection rating for use under the rain or wet and dusty environments.

The perfect lighting tool for todays digital cinema productions
FLUOTEC’s StarMaker is a rugged & powerful location LED production light system, available in 2 levels of protection against the elements.
  • The IP-20 model is designed for internal, dry location environments.
  • The IP-65 model is designed to be water & dust proof, for use in exterior shoots where the weather elements can be unpredictable.

Bicolor tunable flat LED panels with the separate ability to control color mix between daylight & tungsten, as well as brightness levels. They have >97 CRI, and TLCI color rating for photo quality lighting.

They can be used at full daylight color (6200K), full tungsten (2800K) or any color mix level in between.

This ability allows custom lighting to match a locations ambiance, which can often be a unique color mixture of tungsten, fluorescent and window light. You can also vary the light’s color from that of the ambient location, to contrast the subject more against the background, creating a visual sense of depth, or even resolve cosmetic issues such as warming up a pale skin tone.


StarMakers are filled with creative options. Its impressive beam quality delivers smooth even output, that bathes your subject in a beautiful soft white light, without the multi-shadow artifacts of lesser LED fixtures. Whether you are lighting a dramatic feature film or doing a live location news feed, your talent will look great. They are also the perfect choice for constant source lighting in still photo shoots, either in a studio or on location.

StarMakers deliver strong light output across their 45-degree beam angles, with a powerful 126 foot-candles at 6 feet, and 32 foot-candles at 12 feet.

Both measurements are at the full neutral white brightness of both colors.

The output is controlled locally, and is dimmable from 0 to 100% without color shift, using a digital LED display on the back control panel.

Their beam can be trimmed with either 4-way barn doors or accessory 30-degree honeycomb grid, for precise lighting, and control of spill.

Each light also comes with a gel frame for adding diffusion to soften the output.

Their beam can be trimmed with either 4 way barndoors or accessory 20 degree honeycomb grid, for precise lighting, and control of spill. Each light also comes with a gel frame for adding diffusion to soften the output.
The lights can be mounted to grids with an industry standard C clamp or on stands using the supplied female stand fitting. In stand use, the lights weight is centered for exceptional balance, even when tilted, due to its off-center yoke. A tilting handle on top makes aiming and trimming the light both easy & convenient.
StarMaker LEDs are air convection cooled, through heat sink fins installed on the rear of the units.  This removes the need for cooling fans, which can often be intrusive into audio microphones on a shoot. The light is completely silent.
They are powered either by auto-setting 90-240V AC, or 14 Volt V-mount battery plate on the unit. Battery life will vary, depending on its size, age and level of charge. On / Off power is controlled by a switch on the rear of the unit.
If using AC, there is also one installed in the power cable. This can be an advantage if the light is positioned high up on a stand, and therefore hard to access.
StarMaker LEDs rugged, thick-walled, all metal housing makes them perfect for rental houses, and location shoots, where equipment passes through many hands, and can get tossed around over the course of a production.  The lights weigh just over 10 lbs, and their rugged construction helps insure a long productive fixture life.
The IP-65 model StarMaker can be used in full sand or dust storms, as well as full rain storms from all angles. This makes it perfect for news crews working in all types of weather, including those challenging live TV shots taken during raging storms. Its body is sealed and fully protected against the elements.
FLUOTEC StarMaker LEDs are available separately, or in 1, 2 & 3 light pack combinations. Each pack contains lights & stands, with switched AC cables, plus female stand fittings, in a carrying case. The 3 light pack also includes, as accessories, a 30-degree egg crate and 2 barn door sets. The StarMaker 3 light pack comes in a more rugged carrying case.

For ordering information or becoming a FLUOTEC DEALER please contact:
Company Website


Jose Maria Noriega CMO of Fluotec talks about savings in Television Lighting at NAB Show New York 2016 #NABShow


The Hollywood Softlighting Style will be shown #Washington #GVEXPO BOOTH 435 Check out #WeLight the #Stars of #Television @primerimpacto @univision #lightwarriors #lightingdesign #lighting #vegalux #Motorized #zoom #LED #FRESNEL #Cinelight


Cinelight by @FLUOTEC The Hollywood Softlighting Style #GVEXPO BOOTH 435 #Washington


For your consideration PRESENTING #GVEXPO BOOTH 435 #Cinelight by @FLUOTEC The Hollywood Softlighting Style


FLUOTEC’s New Line Achieves Vibrant Colors, Soft Shadows

The CineLight ™ 120 and 60 are a new line of bi-color, tunable DMX Softlight LED panels. CineLight ™ enables crews to softly illuminate talent, achieving accurate skin tones, vibrant colors and precise and defined soft shadows.

FLUOTEC’s CineLight ™ fixtures seamlessly change color temperature from the warm white tones of incandescent lighting to the much sought-after neutral white light, all the way to the cool white of natural daylight.

CineLight ™ 120 features:
• Powerful Illuminance 1,832 Lx at 6 feet
• Operating Voltage = 115/230 VAC (Nominal)
• Neutral White CCT= 3947K CRI>= 90
• Power=266.5W
• Amperage I= 2.22A at 120VAC

This new CineLight 8TM) system of soft lights incorporates the FLUOTEC’s proven advanced exclusive Nebula ™ diffusion technology also used in their SoftBox Studio ™ and StudioLED ™ FRESNEL systems.

Booth: 435

We will be very pleased meeting all amazing #Cinematographers #Videographers #CameraOperators


We are FLUOTEC the #LightWarriors #WeLight #Television #Video #MotionPicture #Photography #lighting #lightingdesign

As in #LasVegas #NOW in #Washington #GVEXPO BOOTH 435

gv_16_header #Lighting #Tour #Leadership #FLUOTEC #Cinelight #Vegalux #StarMaker #video #cinematography

La importancia de la iluminación en la creación de atmósferas narrativas

TCTV-header-web-LEFT-coloCONFERENCIA MARTES 11 Octubre 3PM


Una foto publicada por @FLUOTEC…We Light! (@fluotec) el

Apoyando el Talento y la Creatividad en el Mundo

El Ingeniero José María Noriega nos da a conocer la función de la luz y la iluminación junto con su importancia como herramienta para crear atmósferas narrativas.


En el marco del programa de Tecnotelevision, el Ing. José María Noriega, CMO, Chief Marketing Officer & Commercial Director of FLUOTEC impartirá una de las Conferencias Magistrales del Programa

El programa de conferencias sobre producción y postproducción de televisión, abordará temáticas de punta como la aplicación las tecnologías 4K, 8K y HDR, el futuro de la televisión IP, los avances de los servicios multi pantalla, la TDT en favor de la educación, y una sesión especial, a modo de caso de éxito, sobre el audio para la transmisión de los pasados Juegos Olímpicos, entre otros.

La iluminación es parte ciencia y parte arte. Discutir su uso en la creación de atmósferas narrativas para uso en escenarios, o largometrajes es particularmente difícil. Esta conferencia pretende hacerlo de manera sencilla En la mayoría de las producciones de películas, video o fotografía, aunque la iluminación puede tener un aspecto normal y natural, los realizadores han hecho todo lo posible para lograr un efecto de iluminación particular.

Nuevas tecnologías de control de luz como NEBULA (TM) y HALODIM(TM) han sido creadas para los nuevos estilos de cámaras de alta sensibilidad, que requieren un alto índice de reproducción cromática y un control preciso de los ajustes de temperatura de color e intensidad de luz.

Adicionalmente, los avances en la tecnología CGI hacen indispensable el uso de pantalla verde verde (greenscreen) en la creación de Programas de Televisión, Películas, Cortos, Largometrajes y Webcasts, en todas estas aplicaciones la iluminación profesional de FLUOTEC entrega soluciones integrales, tanto en tecnología FLUORESCENTE como en tecnología LED de altos índices de TLCI y CRI

La calidad de la luz se ha convertido en la principal exigencia de los Cinefotógrafos, Videografos y Fotógrafos que necesitan un control preciso del haz de luz, tanto en su intensidad como en su temperatura de color, una mezcla homogenea y espectro completo de iluminación que entregan sus fuentes de luz.

El uso de luminarias de baja calidad luminosa genera enormes costos en los flujos de trabajo de postproducción, etalonaje, gradación y corrección de color, por lo que es muy importante invertir solamente en luminarias profesionales de alta calidad.


Es ingeniero de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México y cuenta con una maestría en tecnología, enfocada en producción de video, cine y televisión de Brunel University London.

Su experiencia abarca trabajo con contenidos bajo demanda, cine, video, televisión y multimedia para agencias de comunicación, gobiernos y clientes corporativos. Hoy se desempeña como director comercial de la compañía Fluotec.

An Academic Conference by FLUOTEC UNIVERSITY


Ing. José María Noriega C.A.S
CMO Chief Marketing Officer / Commercial Director

TECNOTELEVISIÓN & RADIO NOVENA EDICIÓN Fecha: 10, 11, 12 y 13 de octubre, 2016

Horario Conferencias 10 y 11 de octubre br 9 am- 5:00 pm

Horario expo 11, 12 y 13 de octubre 11 am – 7 pm (Ingreso sin costo con registro previo)