Lowel Prime LED 400

This video shows the Lowel Prime LED and includes some informal demos and observations.

Delivering 43 Foot Candles at 12 feet, over its wide 50 degree beam angle, the Lowel Prime LED 400 packs power with reliability. Choose from dedicated Daylight or Tungsten High CRI models, that draw only 135 Watts, are DMX dimmable, and have silent fanless cooling. Lowel Prime LEDs are built for the studio, but rugged enough for travel.

Lowel Prime™ LED’s are brighter than many similarly sized studio LEDs, with a much wider, more usable 50 degree beam angle.

They are also fully DMX addressable, dimmable & controllable, and have a host of available accessories.

All models available in Daylight or Tungsten color
Color Rendering Index of 91+
All models auto-set to AC voltages from 90-250V
Quiet fanless operation
Available in hanging clamp, or stand mount versions.
Accessories will include
Barn Doors Softening Set

Supplied with:
Gel Frame
Standard C Clamp Hanging Mount
Female 5/8″ Stand Fitting
Unswitched T1-808 AC Cable
T1-80 switched AC Cable (domestic USA models only)
Safety Cable
Accessories Include:
Barn Door Softening Set
Honeycomb Grids

Daylight Model
Color Temperature: 5600°K
Code: PRM-400DA
Weight: 17.5 lbs (8 kg)
US List Price: $2775.00
Tungsten Model
Color Temperature: 3300°K
Code: PRM-400TU
Weight: 17.5 lbs (8 kg)
US List Price: $2775.00

Beam Angle: 50 Degrees
Beam Angles: points at which intensity drops to 50% of maximum. Foot Candle readings taken at center of beam, with Minolta CL-200 meter, using Tungsten color fixture.


Output Data:
Metres: 0.9 1.8 2.7 3.7 4.5
Lux: 6070 1685 788 464 313

Winner of the NAB 2011Best Lighting Gear Award
VideoMaker.com / magazine


Lowel Prime Location LED Overall Rating = HOT


The smoothest, most rugged, weatherized 1×1 type array on the market. Lowel Prime Location LED Overall Rating = HOT


The smoothest, most rugged, weatherized 1×1 type array on the market.

Target Applications:
ENG/documentary shooters will find Prime Location bi-color LED especially suitable for stand-up coverage of talent under extreme weather or environmental conditions.

What’s Cool:
First truly weatherized LED 1×1-type fixture offers beefy sealed manual controls; built-in V-lock or Anton Bauer Gold Mount; smooth beam spread with good punch for wide-angle stand-ups of news and weather reporters.

What’s Not:
Spectral output is typically deficient of saturated red wavelengths, and is therefore less suited for studio work; power draw is higher (along with greater output intensity) than average for 1×1-type fixture; barndoor accessory should really be standard.

Color temperature range: 3300-5600K; IP65 Ingress Protection rating, beam angle 47 degrees; CRI per manufacturer > 91; power consumption 82W; fanless operation

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