Imagen Television the most modern TV Studios in America and third new network of open Televisión launches in Mexico October 17 2016

México, Laredo, New York, Burbank, 10/10/2016 for immediate release

About Imagen Television

Imagen Televisión, is the New Mexican broadcast television network
The network began broadcasting on Monday, October 17 at 8 PM on Channel 3 over the air, Channel 118 on Sky and Izzi, and Channel 1118 on Sky HD

The strategic vision for this innovative proposal comes from Olegario Vázquez Aldir, CEO of Grupo Empresarial Ángeles, which offers audiences competitive products at the national and international levels.Olegario Vázquez Aldir is a Mexican businessman and the director general of Grupo Empresarial Ángeles.

The network’s content includes a significant component of Mexican-made original productions and hit shows from around the world. The fiction, news, entertainment and sports genres will be the main pillars of the network’s content strategy.

Aware of its historic role as the first over the air television network launched in Mexico in more than 20 years, Imagen Televisión is affirming its commitment to be a new media option for Mexican audiences that connects everyone, and where everyone’s ideas have a place – a network that inspires younger generations, looks at the world through a different lens and paves the way for new possibilities.


TELETEC- has 45 years of leadership in Television Studios integration in the areas of BROADCAST, PRODUCTION, TELECOM , MEDIA, ENTERTAINMENT and SHOW.

They designed, manufactured and installed the lighting grids, power and control feeds, motorized power grids, and sound proof walls and doors of all the stages of Imagen Television Studios.






TELETEC chose FLUOTEC lighting lines of Studio Lighting Panels & Fresnels for the talent and set lighting of Imagen TV









Among the selected fixtures used over the new lighting grids, Teletec specified the following fixtures from FLUOTEC:

The VEGALUX 300 a BiColor tuneable DMX StudioLED Fresnel

The VegaLux 300 StudioLED Fresnel includes FLUOTEC´s exclusive Nebula(TM) a Diffusion Chamber Technology system, that mixes and diffuses the light rays of each LED and emits a pure white light output, and HALODIM (TM) an stepless 0-100% dimming technology specially designed for broadcast & motion picture applications.

The Lucie Technical Awards, which honor the best in tools for photography, has aimed Fluotec’s VegaLux 300 StudioLED Fresnel as a finalist in the continuous light category.

The LED light, which debuted during the 2016 NAB Show, was designed for motion picture, television and photography applications and features a pure white light output.

For the base lights of all stages & studios of Imagen Television, TELETEC specified the award winning line of FLUOTEC´s
STUDIOLED Panels (Winner of the NAB 2011 Best Lighting Gear Award / magazine)

These new series of LED fixtures, are designed to deliver broadcast quality studio lighting to all types & sizes of productions. The new FLUOTEC Bicolor StudioLED Panels can be used with the new SOFTBOX Studio accesories, giving a soft but brighter light with a long throw 50 degree beam angle without multishadows.

TELETEC also selected for the News, Entertainment and Sports Studios, the new CINELIGHT line of powerful SoftLIGHT Bicolor DMX LED panels designed and manufactured by FLUOTEC.


These lights with an excellent color rendering index of +95.5 were showcased and tested at NAB, CineGear, TAB, TELEMUNDO TECNOTELEVISION, NAB NY shows in Las Vegas, Hollywood, Austin, Mexico, Bogotá and New York and are considered one the best lighting fixtures among hundreds reviewed independently by Indie Cinema Academy


FLUOTEC is an award winning design and manufacturing firm of lighting fixtures specially designed for Broadcast Television & Motion Pictures Studios, Digital Cinema & Photography.

Its professional high quality light fixtures are available in Bicolor tuneable and daylight or tungsten CCT color temperatures with DMX dimming without color shifts, the FLUOTEC lines of studio and production lighting also includes a full range of accessories and light modifiers to achieve professional results.

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For further information, please contact:
Ing. José María Noriega
CMO Commercial Director
Cel-WhatsApp 521 55 3044 7495


Junto con los avances en su tecnología LED y después de una extensa investigación y retroalimentación de los profesionales de la iluminación de Cine y Televisión de todo el mundo, FLUOTEC ha diseñado la luminaria ideal con óptica FRESNEL y haz de luz variable, especialmente diseñada para producciones de cine y televisión. 
VgaluX 500b
Con un diseño robusto y eficiente, el nuevo y poderoso Vegalux 500 StudioLED es otro más de los caballos de batalla de la iluminación FLUOTEC de alta tecnología para iluminación de producción y estudio.
El nuevo VEGALUX 500 es una luminaria de peso reducido, tamaño compacto y
máxima potencia de luz que establece nuevos estándares en equipos de iluminación profesional.
La avanzada ingeniería FLUOTEC de esta luminaria lleva a su máxima expresión la eficiencia del LED emitiendo una potencia luminosa equivalente a 5000 watts utilizando un mínimo consumo de energía similar al de un pequeño bulbo de solo 500 Watts.
VgaluX 500
El poderoso VEGALUX 500 emite un hermoso haz variable de luz blanca pura de espectro completo, con temperatura de color correlacionada CCT de luz de día, con bordes suaves y bien definidos y altos índices de reproducción cromática CRI y TLCI*, que permiten su utilización en estudios de gran altura y para relleno del Sol en iluminación de producción en exteriores.
VgaluX 500e
El Vegalux 500 sustituye con grandes ventajas a las luminarias HMI ya que no utiliza estorbosos balastros externos y por su eficiencia y sustentabilidad tecnológica elimina también la necesidad de enormes y costosas plantas de energía.
VEGALUX 500 is one of the most powerful yet efficient lighting StudioLED FRESNELS of the world 5000 Watt Incandescent equivalent output with only 500 Watt power draw.
Beautiful professional ‪Adjustable‬ ‪Beam‬ ,‎White‬ ‪‎Light‬ full ‪Spectrum‬ high ‪‎CRI‬ & ‪TLCI‬ COLOR RENDITION INDEXES.
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VgaluX 500j
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FLUOTEC Launches at NAB 2016 the NEW VEGALUX 300™ a powerful 12” 300W BiColor Motorized Zoom DMX Dimmable StudioLED Fresnel

VegaLux 300® StudioLED FRESNEL® 12” 300W BiCOLOR Motorized Zoom DMX Dimmable



This exciting development is important to Cinematographers, Producers, Gaffers, Photographers, and Film & Broadcast Televisión Studio Executives, because until now, the use of inefficient incandescent lighting, has been the norm in Production Lighting for Studios, Locations, Stages and Theaters.


Fresnels are workhorses of stage lighting and the most common luminaire used on television and motion pictures.

The Vegalux 300™ Fresnel with the Nebula Diffusion Chamber Technology® system, mixes and diffuses the light rays of each LED and emit a pure white light output, specially designed for Broadcast & Motion Picture applications.


It uses 2 two sets of high quality, powerful White LEDs with high TLCI Index and CRI+90 that works in the 3200K-5200K CCT range.


The LEDs are set in a sink with a system of low-noise fan, for heat dissipation and protection and placed on a Circuit Breaker MPCB with low thermal resistance, an electronic active temperature control system prevents thermal conditions of stress in order that the LEDs operate at their best performance.

The VEGALUX 300™ delivers a luminous flux of equivalent incandescent lights with power requirements of 2000W, while using only 338W


FLUOTEC´s advancements on research and engineering allowed this new generation of LED Fresnels to be two times brighter and more efficient than previous models.

You can achieve extremely powerful illuminance levels of 22,620 lux at 6ft in Neutral White-4115K, in Cool White-5200K, you get 12,910 lux and in Warm White-3200K 11,320 lux also at 6ft.

The VEGALUX 300™ LED technology is digital, and has the FLUOTEC´s exclusive Halodim® BiCOLOR Stepless CCT & Dimming control algorithm for 0% to 100% dimming, this important feature can save you precious working costs, because there is no need to move the fixture while putting scrims, or re-rig them while they are installed in high grids of television studios, because the brightness level can easily be controlled with the on-board control panel or a remote DMX console.

The Motorized zoom changes seamlessly the variable beam angle from spot 16o to flood 43o either through the local LED Control Panel or also remotely via DMX.

You can have up to five (5) 300W 2.81A VEGALUX 300™, Fresnel lights connected to a 20A, 120VAC house outlet without breaking a fuse, compared to just one 2,000W inefficient incandescent fixture.

The VEGALUX 300™ emits the pure white light needed for professional applications, so you can substitute your inefficient fixtures right away, manufactured with world class industry standards, it is a highly professional, dependable and simple to use fixture, that can be seamlessly integrated with all kind of lighting fixtures into your current production’s workflow.

You can design your morning TV production to have a cool white DAYLIGHT 5600K tone, at Midday you can choose to have a NEUTRAL WHITE tone of 4,115K and for the Evening you can achieve the WARM WHITE color temperatures of 3200K without the need of using gels or any human supervision, all CCT changes may be controlled through a remote DMX dimming console.

The VEGALUX 300 includes a sturdy built 8-Blade Barn doors for precise and accurate control of the light beam.


It is an extremely silent fixture with an optimized passive-active cooling system with quiet fans for studio or location applications.

This efficient innovative and ground breaking Fresnel lighting fixture will save between 75-80% of the cost of your electric bill, and because LED is a cool digital light, you will also save costs, eliminating the need of air conditioning for your studio.



Operations, Engineering, Commercial & Marketing TEAM

AuraLux and VegaLux: StudioLED Fresnels by FLUOTEC

For further information, please contact:
Ing. José María Noriega
CMO Commercial Director
Cel-WhatsApp 521 55 3044 7495