Pure White Light high CRI & TLCI indexes The NEW powerful AuraLux 100® by @FLUOTEC is available NOW http://www.fluotec.net/



@FLUOTEC AURALUX 100 LED FRESNEL is FINALIST prestigious @lucietechawards among best lighting brands THANKS #WeLight http://tech.lucies.org/

The international launch of this new LED luminaire FRESNEL AURALUX 100 was received with great enthusiasm by the photography community of the United States and Canada, the event will be held at the next PHOTOPLUS National Photography Convention in October in New York City, WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 25, 2017, Jacob Javits Convention Center, New York City

FLUOTEC es ya otra vez y por segundo año consecutivo FINALISTA entre las mejores marcas de iluminacion del mundo de los prestigiados Premios LUCIE AWARDS


The new AuraLux 100 is a 5.5-inch StudioLED fresnel that delivers

60% percent more of pure white light with high color rendering CRI and TLCI indexes.
The AuraLux 100 StudioLED fresnel includes these key features:

One source light

Powerful new LED COB Chip on Board that delivers 60% more light output

Precise fresnel lens. The high impact PMMA Fresnel lens improves the transfer of luminous flux has superior optical characteristics: high transmittance and resistance to UV rays and impact

Very quiet operation, Suitable for studio environments

Accurate light control, including high precision eight leaf barn doors and color gel filter holder
Low weight

Pole operation available


ARRI SkyPanel S120-C
Fotodiox PopSpot J-500
Hive Lighting Wasp 100-C™
Polaroid Flexible LED Lighting Panel with 4-Channel Remote Control
Rotolight AEOS

El lanzamiento internacional de esta nueva luminaria LED FRESNEL AURALUX 100 fue recibido con gran entusiasmo por la comunidad de directores de fotografía de los Estados Unidos y Canada el evento se realizara en la proxima Convencion Nacional de Fotografía PHOTOPLUS en Octubre en la Ciudad de Nueva York, WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 25, 2017, Jacob Javits Convention Center, New York City

An interview with Jose Noriega of FLUOTEC Shows off the CineLight 60 at #NABShowNY 2016. #ProHUBTV

An interview from the 2016 NAB Show New York with Jose Noriega of Fluotec.

Fluotec manufactures Television Studio & Motion Picture LED and FLUO fixtures, specially designed for Broadcast, Film, Digital Cinema & Photography.


Their professional high quality white light fixtures are available in BiColor tuneable and daylight or tungsten CCT color temperatures, DMX dimming without color shift, the FLUOTEC lines of studio and production lighting also includes a full range of accessories and light modifiers to achieve professional results. In this interview Jose talks with us about a new powerful production soft lighting system, the BiColor CineLight 60 LED Panel.


The new CineLight SoftLIGHT BiColor LED Panel Systems have an extensive and thoroughly developed array of fixtures that comprises Four (4) new BiColor DMX controllable soft light LED panels in Studio or production lighting configurations, diffusion, light control accessories, and one TBA portable battery panel.


The CineLight also includes a complete set of accessories like Barndoors, light control egg crates, and rigging accessories for studio or location use.


To produce a beautiful professional soft light, ideal for the skin of talents and also for the faithful and vibrant reproduction of colors, Fluotech has researched and developed for more than 20 years a unique proprietary mixture of manufacturing technologies, HALODIM stepless 0-100 dimming software for flicker-free professional images and the new NEBULA Diffusion Chamber Technology exclusive of FLUOTEC luminaries.


The NEBULA Diffusion Chamber Technology is a significant advancement in broadcast lighting technology that you will give you a new soft lighting experience.


Their CineLight fixtures, seamlessly changes color temperature from the warm white tones of incandescent lighting to the much sought after neutral white light, all the way to the cool white of daylight.

Any cinematographer, lighting designer or producer will be delighted to use one of the 8 local presets or continuously change the mood of a show at the touch of a button via local DMX or remote lighting console.


For more information please visit: www.Fluotec.net

@Fluotec Shows off the CineLight 60 at #NABShowNY 2016. To get the full interview, check out #ProHUBTV here: http://ow.ly/MVVh306Fr7U  pic.twitter.com/AOETf9myrZ

Cinelight in New York NAB show

Cinelight by @FLUOTEC The Hollywood Softlighting Style #GVEXPO BOOTH 435 #Washington http://www.gvexpo.com


For your consideration PRESENTING #GVEXPO BOOTH 435 #Cinelight by @FLUOTEC The Hollywood Softlighting Style


FLUOTEC’s New Line Achieves Vibrant Colors, Soft Shadows

The CineLight ™ 120 and 60 are a new line of bi-color, tunable DMX Softlight LED panels. CineLight ™ enables crews to softly illuminate talent, achieving accurate skin tones, vibrant colors and precise and defined soft shadows.

FLUOTEC’s CineLight ™ fixtures seamlessly change color temperature from the warm white tones of incandescent lighting to the much sought-after neutral white light, all the way to the cool white of natural daylight.

CineLight ™ 120 features:
• Powerful Illuminance 1,832 Lx at 6 feet
• Operating Voltage = 115/230 VAC (Nominal)
• Neutral White CCT= 3947K CRI>= 90
• Power=266.5W
• Amperage I= 2.22A at 120VAC

This new CineLight 8TM) system of soft lights incorporates the FLUOTEC’s proven advanced exclusive Nebula ™ diffusion technology also used in their SoftBox Studio ™ and StudioLED ™ FRESNEL systems.

Booth: 435
Website: www.fluotec.net/cinelight.htm

We will be very pleased meeting all amazing #Cinematographers #Videographers #CameraOperators


We are FLUOTEC the #LightWarriors #WeLight #Television #Video #MotionPicture #Photography #lighting #lightingdesign

As in #LasVegas #NOW in #Washington http://www.gvexpo.com/ #GVEXPO BOOTH 435


info@FLUOTEC.net #Lighting #Tour #Leadership #FLUOTEC #Cinelight #Vegalux #StarMaker #video #cinematography www.fluotec.net

Imagen Television the most modern TV Studios in America and third new network of open Televisión launches in Mexico October 17 2016

México, Laredo, New York, Burbank, 10/10/2016 for immediate release

About Imagen Television

Imagen Televisión, is the New Mexican broadcast television network
The network began broadcasting on Monday, October 17 at 8 PM on Channel 3 over the air, Channel 118 on Sky and Izzi, and Channel 1118 on Sky HD

The strategic vision for this innovative proposal comes from Olegario Vázquez Aldir, CEO of Grupo Empresarial Ángeles, which offers audiences competitive products at the national and international levels.Olegario Vázquez Aldir is a Mexican businessman and the director general of Grupo Empresarial Ángeles.

The network’s content includes a significant component of Mexican-made original productions and hit shows from around the world. The fiction, news, entertainment and sports genres will be the main pillars of the network’s content strategy.

Aware of its historic role as the first over the air television network launched in Mexico in more than 20 years, Imagen Televisión is affirming its commitment to be a new media option for Mexican audiences that connects everyone, and where everyone’s ideas have a place – a network that inspires younger generations, looks at the world through a different lens and paves the way for new possibilities.


TELETEC- has 45 years of leadership in Television Studios integration in the areas of BROADCAST, PRODUCTION, TELECOM , MEDIA, ENTERTAINMENT and SHOW.

They designed, manufactured and installed the lighting grids, power and control feeds, motorized power grids, and sound proof walls and doors of all the stages of Imagen Television Studios.






TELETEC chose FLUOTEC lighting lines of Studio Lighting Panels & Fresnels for the talent and set lighting of Imagen TV









Among the selected fixtures used over the new lighting grids, Teletec specified the following fixtures from FLUOTEC:

The VEGALUX 300 a BiColor tuneable DMX StudioLED Fresnel

The VegaLux 300 StudioLED Fresnel includes FLUOTEC´s exclusive Nebula(TM) a Diffusion Chamber Technology system, that mixes and diffuses the light rays of each LED and emits a pure white light output, and HALODIM (TM) an stepless 0-100% dimming technology specially designed for broadcast & motion picture applications.

The Lucie Technical Awards, which honor the best in tools for photography, has aimed Fluotec’s VegaLux 300 StudioLED Fresnel as a finalist in the continuous light category.

The LED light, which debuted during the 2016 NAB Show, was designed for motion picture, television and photography applications and features a pure white light output.

For the base lights of all stages & studios of Imagen Television, TELETEC specified the award winning line of FLUOTEC´s
STUDIOLED Panels (Winner of the NAB 2011 Best Lighting Gear Award VideoMaker.com / magazine)

These new series of LED fixtures, are designed to deliver broadcast quality studio lighting to all types & sizes of productions. The new FLUOTEC Bicolor StudioLED Panels can be used with the new SOFTBOX Studio accesories, giving a soft but brighter light with a long throw 50 degree beam angle without multishadows.

TELETEC also selected for the News, Entertainment and Sports Studios, the new CINELIGHT line of powerful SoftLIGHT Bicolor DMX LED panels designed and manufactured by FLUOTEC.


These lights with an excellent color rendering index of +95.5 were showcased and tested at NAB, CineGear, TAB, TELEMUNDO TECNOTELEVISION, NAB NY shows in Las Vegas, Hollywood, Austin, Mexico, Bogotá and New York and are considered one the best lighting fixtures among hundreds reviewed independently by Indie Cinema Academy


FLUOTEC is an award winning design and manufacturing firm of lighting fixtures specially designed for Broadcast Television & Motion Pictures Studios, Digital Cinema & Photography.

Its professional high quality light fixtures are available in Bicolor tuneable and daylight or tungsten CCT color temperatures with DMX dimming without color shifts, the FLUOTEC lines of studio and production lighting also includes a full range of accessories and light modifiers to achieve professional results.

Imagen Televisión #JuntosSomosLibres de YouTube


For further information, please contact:
Ing. José María Noriega
CMO Commercial Director
Cel-WhatsApp 521 55 3044 7495


La importancia de la iluminación en la creación de atmósferas narrativas

TCTV-header-web-LEFT-coloCONFERENCIA MARTES 11 Octubre 3PM


Una foto publicada por @FLUOTEC…We Light! (@fluotec) el

Apoyando el Talento y la Creatividad en el Mundo

El Ingeniero José María Noriega nos da a conocer la función de la luz y la iluminación junto con su importancia como herramienta para crear atmósferas narrativas.


En el marco del programa de Tecnotelevision, el Ing. José María Noriega, CMO, Chief Marketing Officer & Commercial Director of FLUOTEC impartirá una de las Conferencias Magistrales del Programa

El programa de conferencias sobre producción y postproducción de televisión, abordará temáticas de punta como la aplicación las tecnologías 4K, 8K y HDR, el futuro de la televisión IP, los avances de los servicios multi pantalla, la TDT en favor de la educación, y una sesión especial, a modo de caso de éxito, sobre el audio para la transmisión de los pasados Juegos Olímpicos, entre otros.

La iluminación es parte ciencia y parte arte. Discutir su uso en la creación de atmósferas narrativas para uso en escenarios, o largometrajes es particularmente difícil. Esta conferencia pretende hacerlo de manera sencilla En la mayoría de las producciones de películas, video o fotografía, aunque la iluminación puede tener un aspecto normal y natural, los realizadores han hecho todo lo posible para lograr un efecto de iluminación particular.

Nuevas tecnologías de control de luz como NEBULA (TM) y HALODIM(TM) han sido creadas para los nuevos estilos de cámaras de alta sensibilidad, que requieren un alto índice de reproducción cromática y un control preciso de los ajustes de temperatura de color e intensidad de luz.

Adicionalmente, los avances en la tecnología CGI hacen indispensable el uso de pantalla verde verde (greenscreen) en la creación de Programas de Televisión, Películas, Cortos, Largometrajes y Webcasts, en todas estas aplicaciones la iluminación profesional de FLUOTEC entrega soluciones integrales, tanto en tecnología FLUORESCENTE como en tecnología LED de altos índices de TLCI y CRI

La calidad de la luz se ha convertido en la principal exigencia de los Cinefotógrafos, Videografos y Fotógrafos que necesitan un control preciso del haz de luz, tanto en su intensidad como en su temperatura de color, una mezcla homogenea y espectro completo de iluminación que entregan sus fuentes de luz.

El uso de luminarias de baja calidad luminosa genera enormes costos en los flujos de trabajo de postproducción, etalonaje, gradación y corrección de color, por lo que es muy importante invertir solamente en luminarias profesionales de alta calidad.


Es ingeniero de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México y cuenta con una maestría en tecnología, enfocada en producción de video, cine y televisión de Brunel University London.

Su experiencia abarca trabajo con contenidos bajo demanda, cine, video, televisión y multimedia para agencias de comunicación, gobiernos y clientes corporativos. Hoy se desempeña como director comercial de la compañía Fluotec.

An Academic Conference by FLUOTEC UNIVERSITY


Ing. José María Noriega C.A.S
CMO Chief Marketing Officer / Commercial Director

TECNOTELEVISIÓN & RADIO NOVENA EDICIÓN Fecha: 10, 11, 12 y 13 de octubre, 2016

Horario Conferencias 10 y 11 de octubre br 9 am- 5:00 pm

Horario expo 11, 12 y 13 de octubre 11 am – 7 pm (Ingreso sin costo con registro previo)

CINELIGHT “The Hollywood Softlighting Style” by @FLUOTEC the ‪‎LightWarriors

Como en las Vegas y Hollywood y después del gran éxito de su extenso sistema de reflectores con tecnologías LED y FLUO para vídeo y televisión, FLUOTEC ha puesto en marcha el lanzamiento mundial de su nuevo sistema de soluciones de iluminación suave para el cine y la televisión.

Estas invitado a conocer la reinterpretacion clásica de Hollywood y nuevas técnicas de iluminación suave con el Maestro Carlos Anadon “The Hollywood Softlighting Style” by @FLUOTEC Todos los días de Exposición a las 3, 5 y 7 de la Tarde


‪#‎LightWarriors‬ ‪#‎WeLight ‬‪#‎CINELIGHT‬

tshirt lightwarriors


CONFERENCIA Y EXPOSICION XXIV viernes 1 de julio 2016 a las 9:45 de la Mañana Taller de iluminación SALON EXPO 1

100 Boletos Gratuitos y 20 camisetas a los primeros inscritos en este sitio y que publiquen su participación en nuestra RED DE FACEBOOK CON NUESTROS HASHTAGS EN NUESTRO SITIO DE FACEBOOK RECIBIRAN UNA CAMISETA DE ‪#‎LightWarriors‬ ‪#‎WeLight ‬‪#‎CINELIGHT‬

tshirt lightwarriors


CineLight® SOFTLIGHT bicolor DMX paneles LED en NAB 2016 CineGear, Expo Telemundo, TECNOTELEVISION & IBC

The Hollywood Softlighting Style

CineLight 120 de Fluotec precio de lista $3,486 USD + IVA

CineLight 60 de Fluotec precio de lista $2,166 USD + IVA

Como en Las Vegas y Hollywood, ahora en México estas invitado a conocer la reinterpretacion clásica de Hollywood y nuevas técnicas de iluminación suave con el Maestro Carlos Anadon

“The Hollywood Softlighting Style” by @FLUOTEC the ‪#‎LightWarriors‬ ‪#‎WeLight‬ ‪#‎CINELIGHT‬

Revista Pantalla, Te sugerimos te pre-registres para evitar largas colashttp://www.revistapantalla.com/expo/preregistro2016.php
Lugar, Fecha y Horarios
1.- La XXIV Gran Expo Cine Video Televisión, Ciudad Pantalla, está dirigida a profesionales y se llevará a cabo en el World Trade Center de la Ciudad de México, Salones Maya 1, 2 y 3, Planta baja, ubicados en la calle Filadelfia s/n Nápoles, Benito Juarez, Mexico, D.F.
Telefono 5528 6050, 5528 3071, Fax 5528 8631
2.- Fecha: Del martes 28 de junio al viernes 1 de julio 2016
3.- Horario abierto al publico 2 de la tarde a 8 de la noche
4.- Acceso sólo a mayores de 14 años.
Recuerde mostrar su tarjeta de presentación o credencial
que lo acredite del medio.
5.- La Gran Expo Cine Video Televisión, Ciudad Pantalla,es un evento organizado por la
Revista Pantalla Profesional Telemundo http://www.revistapantalla.com/expo/

World Trade Center Mexico City – 38 Montecito XXIV Gran Expo Cine Video Televisión,Salones Maya 1, 2 y 3, Planta baja, Ciudad de México, D.F. 03810 – View Map
Ciudad De México Events Conference Business
Organizer Image


Organizer of CINELIGHT “The Hollywood Softlighting Style” by @FLUOTEC the ‪‎LightWarriors‬

FLUOTEC is the leading manufacturer of lighting for Television, Video, Photography & Motion Picture shipping to USA and the World



Brilliant participation of FLUOTEC at NABshow Las Vegas


Fluotec 2016 in NAB presents its new lighting Fresnel StudioLED Vegalux and Auralux


NAB. Fluotec presenta en NAB 2016 sus nuevas luminarias StudioLED Fresnel Vegalux y Auralux


We are FLUOTEC the LightWarriors, leaders in Production Lighting…We LIGHT! ‪#‎NABshow‬ www.fluotec.net




The powerful, reliable and sustainable production luminaries & lights with variable and focusable beam.


Las luminarias de producción de haz de luz variable y enfocable, potente, fiable y sostenible.


The new Vegalux and Auralux of Fluotec Fresnels are luminaries for film production, video, theater and television, they are extremely efficient and powerful, and generate enormous energy savings of over 82%


Los nuevos Fresneles Vegalux y Auralux de Fluotec son luminarias de producción de cine, video, teatro y televisión extremadamente eficientes y potentes, que generan enormes ahorros energéticos de más del 82%


This exciting development is important for cinematographers, producers, photographers, foremen and studio executives of Film and Television, as until now, the use of inefficient incandescent lamps tungsten had been the norm in lighting studies, locations, scenarios and theaters.


Este emocionante desarrollo es importante para directores de fotografía, productores, fotógrafos, capataces y ejecutivos de estudios de Cine y Televisión, ya que hasta ahora, el uso de las ineficientes luminarias incandescentes de tungsteno había sido la norma en Iluminación de estudios, locaciones, escenarios y teatros.


The Fresnels are the workhorses of stage lighting and the most commonly luminaires used in film and television.


Los Fresneles son los caballos de batalla de la iluminación de escenarios y las luminarias más utilizadas en el cine y la televisión.


The Fresnels of Fluotec allow large energy savings and thereby reduce billing costs of electricity each month. Besides being cold light LED lights made with high technology, they allow working with talents and producers with less heat in the studio and this further eliminates the need for air conditioning.

Los Fresneles de Fluotec permiten grandes ahorros de energía y con esto disminuir los costos de facturación de electricidad, cada mes. Además por ser luminarias LED de luz fría de alta tecnología, se trabaja con talentos y productores con menos calor en el estudio y esto elimina adicionalmente, la necesidad de aire acondicionado.


This new generation of LED Fresnels Vegalux and Auralux is even more powerful and efficient than previous models thanks to constant advances in innovation, research, engineering and manufacturing in Fluotec.

Esta nueva generación de Fresneles LED Vegalux y Auralux es aún más potente y eficiente que la de modelos anteriores gracias a los constantes avances de innovación, investigación, ingeniería y manufactura de Fluotec.



The Fluotec company, carefully planned relaunch of its line CineLight luminaires that meets the changing needs of producers making films, series and commercials with digital cinematography cameras.

La compañía Fluotec, planeó con mucho cuidado el relanzamiento de su línea CineLight, luminaria que responde a las nuevas necesidades de productores que realizan películas, series y comerciales con cámaras de cinematografía digital.


At present, the production of series and films and film-quality telenovelas is experiencing an extraordinary boom in Mexico and the world.


En la actualidad, la producción de series y películas y también de telenovelas con calidad cinematográfica está viviendo un extraordinario boom en México y el mundo.


Fluotec CineLight of luminaires allow the user to have full confidence in the stability of each and every one of the reflectors.


Para conseguir la mayor calidad visual, las luminarias CineLight de Fluotec permiten que el usuario tenga total confianza en la estabilidad de todos y cada uno de los reflectores.

Fluotec with CineLight at Expo


The company presents the CineLight Fluotec line in its booth XXIV Gran Cine Video Expo TV, organized by the magazine Screen Professional Telemundo / RevistaPantalla.com, Tuesday 28 June to Friday 1 July at the World Trade Center City Mexico, Maya halls 1, 2 and 3.


La compañía Fluotec presenta la línea CineLight en su stand de la XXIV Gran Expo Cine Video Televisión, que organiza la Revista Pantalla Profesional Telemundo / RevistaPantalla.com, del martes 28 de junio al viernes 1 de julio en el World Trade Center de la Ciudad de México, salones Maya 1, 2 y 3.

#VenTelemundoExpoCine #VenACiudadPantalla #VenExpoCineVideoTelevision


Fluotec con CineLight en la Expo

Entre ahora mismo al Pre-Registro y reciba el Directorio Pantalla en la Mesa de Registro al llegar a la Expo, también información de los Talleres y Conferencia para inscribirse a tiempo.

FLUOTEC Launches at NAB 2016 the NEW VEGALUX 300™ a powerful 12” 300W BiColor Motorized Zoom DMX Dimmable StudioLED Fresnel

VegaLux 300® StudioLED FRESNEL® 12” 300W BiCOLOR Motorized Zoom DMX Dimmable



This exciting development is important to Cinematographers, Producers, Gaffers, Photographers, and Film & Broadcast Televisión Studio Executives, because until now, the use of inefficient incandescent lighting, has been the norm in Production Lighting for Studios, Locations, Stages and Theaters.


Fresnels are workhorses of stage lighting and the most common luminaire used on television and motion pictures.

The Vegalux 300™ Fresnel with the Nebula Diffusion Chamber Technology® system, mixes and diffuses the light rays of each LED and emit a pure white light output, specially designed for Broadcast & Motion Picture applications.


It uses 2 two sets of high quality, powerful White LEDs with high TLCI Index and CRI+90 that works in the 3200K-5200K CCT range.


The LEDs are set in a sink with a system of low-noise fan, for heat dissipation and protection and placed on a Circuit Breaker MPCB with low thermal resistance, an electronic active temperature control system prevents thermal conditions of stress in order that the LEDs operate at their best performance.

The VEGALUX 300™ delivers a luminous flux of equivalent incandescent lights with power requirements of 2000W, while using only 338W


FLUOTEC´s advancements on research and engineering allowed this new generation of LED Fresnels to be two times brighter and more efficient than previous models.

You can achieve extremely powerful illuminance levels of 22,620 lux at 6ft in Neutral White-4115K, in Cool White-5200K, you get 12,910 lux and in Warm White-3200K 11,320 lux also at 6ft.

The VEGALUX 300™ LED technology is digital, and has the FLUOTEC´s exclusive Halodim® BiCOLOR Stepless CCT & Dimming control algorithm for 0% to 100% dimming, this important feature can save you precious working costs, because there is no need to move the fixture while putting scrims, or re-rig them while they are installed in high grids of television studios, because the brightness level can easily be controlled with the on-board control panel or a remote DMX console.

The Motorized zoom changes seamlessly the variable beam angle from spot 16o to flood 43o either through the local LED Control Panel or also remotely via DMX.

You can have up to five (5) 300W 2.81A VEGALUX 300™, Fresnel lights connected to a 20A, 120VAC house outlet without breaking a fuse, compared to just one 2,000W inefficient incandescent fixture.

The VEGALUX 300™ emits the pure white light needed for professional applications, so you can substitute your inefficient fixtures right away, manufactured with world class industry standards, it is a highly professional, dependable and simple to use fixture, that can be seamlessly integrated with all kind of lighting fixtures into your current production’s workflow.

You can design your morning TV production to have a cool white DAYLIGHT 5600K tone, at Midday you can choose to have a NEUTRAL WHITE tone of 4,115K and for the Evening you can achieve the WARM WHITE color temperatures of 3200K without the need of using gels or any human supervision, all CCT changes may be controlled through a remote DMX dimming console.

The VEGALUX 300 includes a sturdy built 8-Blade Barn doors for precise and accurate control of the light beam.


It is an extremely silent fixture with an optimized passive-active cooling system with quiet fans for studio or location applications.

This efficient innovative and ground breaking Fresnel lighting fixture will save between 75-80% of the cost of your electric bill, and because LED is a cool digital light, you will also save costs, eliminating the need of air conditioning for your studio.



Operations, Engineering, Commercial & Marketing TEAM

AuraLux and VegaLux: StudioLED Fresnels by FLUOTEC


For further information, please contact:
Ing. José María Noriega
CMO Commercial Director
Cel-WhatsApp 521 55 3044 7495

Thanks @StudioDaily @FLUOTEC is very proud to announce that the ‪#‎Vegalux‬ Fresnel is now a Finalist of the Prime Award


Thanks @StudioDaily ! @FLUOTEC  is very proud to announce that the ‪Vegalux‬ Fresnel is now a Finalist of the Prime Awards ​‪#‎NABshow‬

The StudioDaily Prime Awards represent the top tier of new technology, creative thinking, and high-end craftsmanship in media and entertainment.


These game-changing new products, forward-thinking companies, and innovative people are driving this industry.

Congratulations to all the finalists! – 

Each finalist will be recognized at the Studio Daily Prime Awards on the show floor during NAB. In addition, StudioDaily will be announcing the winners as selected by the judges and the editorial staff of StudioDaily.

Prime Awards Details
Date: April 19 Time: 9 – 11 a.m. Location: NAB Show Floor Central Hall, Las Vegas Convention Center The Studio – B&H Photo Video Pro Audio Booth: C10515

Free to Attend – RSVP Today! 


Questions: Contact Mary-Lou French at mfrench@accessintel.com
or 301.354.1851.

– See more at: http://www.studiodaily.com/prime-awards-2016/#sthash.1b3L65Yp.dpuf